Over the past year, we asked hundreds of church leaders, “What issues and topics are most important to your community?” Based on the responses we received, we have developed 10 Masterclasses that are hosted in partnership with local churches all across Edmonton. The following speakers and thought leaders will be leading Masterclasses on 10 areas resonating deeply with the Church today.

  • SCIENCE & FAITH – with Dr Caroline Leaf
    Hosted by Celebration Church

  • GATHER: WOMEN – with Jo Saxton, Cathie Ostapchuk, Stephanie Reader, Anne Miranda and more

  • SEXUALITY & FAITH – with Dr Preston Sprinkle
    Hosted by North Pointe Community Church

  • WORSHIP – with Tim Hughes, Amanda Lindsey Cook, Worship Central & Brian Doerksen
    Hosted by Hope City Church

  • LEADERSHIP – with Danielle Strickland, John Mark Comer, Jo Saxton, Mark Clark, Ken Dyck & Jeff Lockyer
    Hosted by Sherwood Park Alliance Church

  • YOUTH MINISTRY – with Sid Koop & Jason Ballard
    Hosted by Ellerslie Road Baptist Church

  • PARENTING – with Phil & Diane Comer
    Hosted by Heartland Alliance Church

  • THEOLOGY – with Dr Darrell Johnson
    Hosted by McKernan Baptist Church

  • EVANGELISM – with Alpha & John Mark Comer

  • ENNEAGRAM – with Ian Morgan Cron
    Hosted by Gateway Alliance Church


Science & Faith

Switch On Your Brain: The Mind/Brain Connection with Dr Caroline Leaf

What would you do if you found a switch that could turn on your brain and enable you to be happier, healthier in your mind and body, even more intelligent? Dr. Caroline Leaf’s pioneering work on neuroplasticity and the mind/brain connection unlocks that switch. In this Masterclass, Dr. Leaf shows how science is finally catching up with the Bible, showing us the proof that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Tim. 1:7).




She Is Called

A one day gathering for women to awaken the call of God upon your life with the GATHER:WOMEN team

‘She Is Called’ is a day designed to awaken the call of God on your life to influence, ingenuity, imagination and impact. Through powerful teaching and stunning leadership principles from global influencer Jo Saxton and amazing Canadian women, you will be inspired to quit playing it safe and step with courage into the purpose God has designed for you.






Sexuality & faith

Forum on Faith, Sexuality & Gender with Dr Preston Sprinkle

This Masterclass tackles many of the pressing theological, relational and ministry-related questions Christian leaders are asking about faith, sexuality and gender. Dr. Preston Sprinkle leans into the tough questions in a thoughtful, dialogical, practical way with theological faithfulness and courageous love. "Preston is one of the leading and trusted Christian voices when it comes to faith, sexuality and gender. I wholeheartedly recommend that Christians learn from his work in this area.” - Francis Chan






With Tim Hughes, Worship Central, Amanda Lindsey Cook & Brian Doerksen

The Worship Masterclass will equip worshippers and worship teams with rich biblical teaching, in-depth workshops as well as interactive Q&A panels. There will be invaluable input from both local and international leaders of the Church. The mission of Worship Central is to equip the worshipper and therefore empower the local church, encountering God and making Jesus Christ central in the midst of it all.

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Electric Guitar

  • Keys

  • Vocals

  • Sound/Mixing

  • Music Directing - How To Lead Your Team Well

  • Worship Theology

  • How To Lead Well With Your Senior Pastor






With Danielle Strickland, John Mark Comer, Jo Saxton, Mark Clark & Ken Dyck

The Leadership Masterclass will be a day where we not only talk about leadership, but we develop and sharpen our leadership together. The one day course, hosted by the Global Leadership Network will include the following faculty: Danielle Strickland, John Mark Comer, Jo Saxton, Mark Clark, Ken Dyck & Jeff Lockyer. Join other church leaders as we wrestle with how to adapt our leadership and our ministries to the quickly changing ministry landscape in Canada.





Youth Ministry

With Sid Koop & Jason Ballard

Youth ministries matter. More than ever. But leading a growing and effective youth ministry is harder than it has ever been. This Masterclass will help us think more holistically, strategically and thoughtfully about the youth ministries we lead in this post-Christian, post-family, hyper-digital age. Explore how to recruit and train leaders, cultivate resilient faith in our students and find health and joy in our personal lives as we carry the weight of ministry.






Raising Passionate Jesus Followers with Phil & Diane Comer

We believe the next generation — the children being raised right now — can change the world. In this Masterclass, Phil and Diane offer practical tools to help:

  • Understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

  • Practice 5 biblical tools of discipline that influence the hearts of our children.

  • Put it all together for in-the-moment understanding of what to do when we don’t know what to do.

  • Ignite a flame of spiritual passion for God in our children.







“So, What IS The Gospel?” with Dr Darrell Johnson

We say that the chief role of the Church in the world is to announce the Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, what is it? Dr. Darrell Johnson proclaims that it is larger, richer and grander than any of us can imagine and massively good, good news for every dimension of our human existence! In this Masterclass, we’ll explore just how massive it is and prepare ourselves to announce the Gospel - in its fullness - to the people in our world.






In a cultural movement that is post-Christian, post-modern and post-social, how can we most thoughtfully and faithfully share the life-transforming message of the Gospel in our cities? This Masterclass, hosted by Alpha Canada, will explore how the Church can invite people into a relationship with Jesus through the community of the Church. 

In it, we will hear from key voices and unpack what it means to re-imagine evangelism in our cultural moment, discuss strategies of how to create a culture of invitation and hospitality in the Church today, and explore the role of the Holy Spirit in Kingdom mission.





Know Thyself: Faith and the Enneagram with Ian Morgan Cron

The author of The Road Back to You walks us through this powerful tool for spiritual, personal and relational growth. Learn about the 9 Enneagram personality types - their motivations, fears, strengths and weaknesses - and how they relate and interact with each other. Find out what everyone in your small group is talking about! Discover more about yourself, how you are uniquely created and learn how to better love and bring out the best in those around us.





The One Conference is comprised of 3 main sessions - Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday evening. These Main Conference sessions will bring together thousands of people from across Canada to worship, learn and pray together. We believe that God will meet us in a powerful way as we gather with a focus on encounter and unity.

In addition to the 3 main sessions, One is pleased to host 40 classes throughout the day on Saturday, January 18th.

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one 2020 + main session GUESTS


one 2020 + all GUESTS



One Classes allow you to customize your weekend around issues and topics that are relevant and applicable to you in your context. Below is an overview of classes presented at One 2020.

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SATURDAY 11:15 – 12:15

Doug Balzer | Intro to Soul Transformation

Ian Morgan Cron | Enneagram

Ken Dyck | Experience Freedom Session

Jeff King | Walking Together

Nathan Foster | Spiritual Disciplines

Jeff Lockyer | 1st Century church in the 21st Century

Darrell Johnson | Leadership

Neil and Sharol Josephson | Marriage

Rosie Makinney | How Your Church Can Win in the Battle Against Porn

Kelley Myles | Reaching the World From Your Home

Gather Women | Courage Caster

Stephanie Reader | Creator, Bible, Cosmos

Preston Sprinkle | Human Sexuality Panel


SATURDAY 2:00 – 3:15

Jason Ballard | Reaching and Engaging Millennials and Gen-Z

Christina Crook | The Joy of Missing Out

Ken Dyck | Learning to Hear and Respond to God’s Voice

Ray Sawatsky | Social Transformation

Joanna la Fleur | Strategic Digital Communications

Josh Caspian & Jhonathan Velasquez | Perfecting Live Audio

Cody Matchett | Marijuana: Starting the Conversation

Anne Miranda | How to be Selfless in a Selfie Generation

Stephanie Reader | Science vs Faith

Jo Saxton | Leadership - Uncover Your Path

Preston Sprinkle | Loving LGBTQ People as Jesus Would

Danielle Strickland | Rethinking Human Trafficking

Worship Central | Songwriting Panel


SATURDAY 3:45 – 5:00

Sid Koop & Jason Ballard | Youth Ministry

Doug Balzer | Pathways toward Soul Transformation

Phil & Diane Comer | Raising Passionate Jesus Followers

Christina Crook | How to be a Sanctuary

Anne Miranda | Identifying my Calling

Brian Doerksen | Songwriting

Ken Dyck | Why You and Your Church Need Freedom Session

Joanna la Fleur | How to Launch a Podcast

Nathan Foster | Hurry is Greed

Dr. Caroline Leaf | The Mind/Brain Connection

Randy Watson | Leading with Empathy

Global Leadership Network | Leadership Panel


CLASS BLOCK A | Saturday | 11:15am

Intro to Soul Transformation

The Gospel is meant to first be deeply-experienced good news in the life of the believer. Then we are to carry this experienced good news into mission. Doug helps disciples and leaders experience renewal in their own lives, teaching Biblical principles for healing the soul and overcoming the broken areas of life. This class focuses on the power that Jesus has for His Church to see real, deep and lasting transformation of our souls.

Enneagram: The road back to you

What we don't know about ourselves can hurt us and our relationships―and even keep us in the shallows with God. The Enneagram is an ancient body of wisdom that identifies 9 core personality types and describes how each sees and interacts with the world. Ian offers an overview of the Enneagram and explores its connections with Christian spirituality for a deeper knowledge of ourselves, compassion for others and love for God.

Experience Freedom Session

We learn best by experience. This class with the founder of Freedom Session will guide us towards an interaction with the Holy Spirit that may expose an unhealthy heart or motivations within ourselves. This is the first step towards healing. The class is also an opportunity to discover experientially why Freedom Session could be helpful to you or your church. Healing discipleship is one of the next moves of God in North America. Find out why!

Walking Together:
Helping Others with Wisdom and Humility

Many of us feel an overwhelming need to help “the least of these”. Yet the ways we respond are not always helpful or wise. Jeff will summarize the key findings and arguments in When Helping Hurts (by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert) and Walking with the Poor (by Bryant Myers) and facilitate a discussion about their broader relevance for ministry and missions - in Canada and other contexts around the world.

Sponsored By: Compassion Canada

My Journey from Frustration to Joy with the Spiritual Disciplines

In his book,The Making of an Ordinary Saint, Nathan Foster embarked on a multi-year project to intentionally and intensely practice the twelve spiritual disciplines outlined in the classic work Celebration of Discipline, written by his father Richard Foster. Nathan openly and honestly shares stories and insights about the highs and lows he experienced during his journey.

Finding our Way:
Becoming a 1st-century Church in the 21st-century

Many of the ministry models and strategies we use today were envisioned in the 1970's and 80's....almost 50 years ago! How can church leaders use "new wineskins" to serve the "new wine" of the Gospel to our nation today? What are Canadians hungry for these days? Jeff leads a conversation about what the Church needs to do today to stay relevant and effective for tomorrow.

darrell johnson: a conversation on leadership

Learn from Dr. Darrell Johnson as he unpacks leadership lessons he has learned over the last 50 years in ministry. He will also share what a hopeful picture of transferring leadership to the next generation can look like.

5 Things Your Spouse Wants You to Know

Don’t shoot the messengers! This is data collected from the 5,500 couples Neil and Sharol have taught through FamilyLife Weekend Getaways over the last 5 years. We asked: What’s one thing you want your spouse to know (but are afraid to say or don’t know how)? We’ll reveal the top 5 answers from men and from women and add biblical, practical and time-tested tools to respond and build a thriving marriage.

How Your Church Can Win in the Battle Against Porn

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do about the rapidly growing problem of porn addiction in your church? Frustrated with simply picking up the wounded? Discover 3 key strategies for a Biblical battle-plan. Learn how to deploy the most powerful and underutilized resource in the church. Prepare to meet the challenges of leading in a pornified culture with new confidence, hope and anticipation for a mighty work of God in our churches.

Sponsored By: Lifeway

Reaching the World From Your Home

Do you have a passion to tell people about Jesus, but don’t know where to start? In this interactive and hands-on class, learn how to journey with people toward Jesus through online mentoring. Gain new skills and savvy in evangelism as we respond to real life messages from desperate people around the world who have reached out to The Life Project for help and hope.

Sponsored By: The Life Project

Courage Caster: A Leader's Guide to Radically Influencing in a Conformance Culture

For both leaders and the generations we seek to lead and serve, there are obstacles that stand directly in the way of clarity, courage and confidence. Learn how to identify the seemingly giant challenges. Find freedom in the leadership journey and inspire and influence the next generation of leaders to make radical choices that defy the cultural pull to conform.

Sponsored By: Gather Women

Science vs Faith: god comes back with a bang!

Could it be that science and faith are not opponents? That the universe really has divine origins? That the theory of evolution can help explain the beginnings of life? Is there only life on earth? We'll see how recent scientific discoveries reveal God and journey from the infinitely small complexities of a cell to the infinite expanse of the universe. Expect to be inspired!

Panel: Homosexuality in Scripture and Theology

Does the Bible actually teach that marriage is between a man and a woman? What does the Bible say about same-sex relationships? With grace and truth, this session will discuss the debate about marriage and same-sex relationships from a biblical perspective.


CLASS BLOCK B | Saturday | 2:00pm

Reaching and Engaging Millennials and Gen-Z

A quick survey of the research around religious engagement and church attendance amongst the next generation can leave us feeling discouraged and defeated. Youth and Young adults are increasingly disengaged and disinterested in Christianity as they see it. But the research and cultural commentary also points to hope on the horizon for the Church in Canada. Could it be that we are at the edge of a renewal in our country? The cracks are beginning to show in the secular narrative and our culture is hungry for authentic community and something solid to build their life on. This is a moment for followers of Jesus to engage in the mission of Jesus here in Canada with renewed hope. In this session we will shed some light on the research around Millennials and Gen-Z and unpack how we can best reach and disciple this generation.

Intro to Soul Transformation

The Gospel is meant to first be deeply-experienced good news in the life of the believer. Then we are to carry this experienced good news into mission. Doug helps disciples and leaders experience renewal in their own lives, teaching Biblical principles for healing the soul and overcoming the broken areas of life. This class focuses on the power that Jesus has for His church to see real, deep and lasting transformation of our souls.

The Joy of Missing Out

JOMO instead of FOMO. In our increasingly complex, competitive and wired world, it’s hard to disconnect and make space to recharge. Technology can sap our focus, creativity and, ultimately, our impact. Through the lens of her own internet fast, Christina creates a convincing case for increasing intentionality in our day-to-day lives and cultivating joy by missing out on the right things.

Why You and Your Church Need Freedom Session

What does “salvation” look like for the 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men who’ve been sexually abused, for the 60% of men and 20% of women struggling with pornography, the depressed, the addicted, the perfectionist, the workaholic or those enslaved by fear or shame? Learn how to present the full gospel of Jesus Christ and watch God transform your life and ministry.

The Pornography of Poverty: The Problem of How We Present Poverty and Crisis

Canadian perceptions of developing countries are often dominated by images of starvation, despair and crisis. Images of buzzing flies, begging eyes and bloated bellies distort reality in order to pull at heartstrings and garner donations. But these images further strip those living in poverty and crisis of their inherent dignity made in the image and likeness of Christ. Ray provides a biblical foundation for how we present poverty and crisis and how we should act as believers towards those who find themselves in these situations.

Strategic Digital Communications

The Church has the best news in the world, so we should be the best communicators in the world. But sometimes we struggle knowing what to do or how to do it. This class is all about practical communications strategy for churches and non-profits in the digital age. We'll talk about solutions for every budget in social media, branding, websites, print, video/photography and more.

Louder Worship… Without All the Emails

Everyone wants to have great sounding, powerful and immersive worship… but how do you that when you have hard volume limits!?

Studio Producer and FOH Engineers Jon Velasquez & Joshua Caspian host a Q&A and do a deep dive into: loudness, EQ and compression techniques, mixing with backing tracks and other practical tips to get massive sounding worship… while still avoiding hate mail monday.

Marijuana: Starting the Conversation

What should we know about marijuana? And how are we, as followers of Jesus, to engage in conversations about marijuana with our kids, our neighbours, colleagues and friends? Cody leads a discussion about all aspects of marijuana: the stats, the positives, the negatives, legalization and the teachings of the Bible and other Christian authors.

Sponsored By: Briercrest College and Seminary

How to be Selfless in a Selfie Generation

We live in a culture that is more prosperous, peaceful and connected than ever before. So why are we experiencing epidemic levels of depression, anxiety and loneliness? The Apostle Paul warned us that in the last days people will become lovers of self (2 Timothy 3:1-2). Today, in our selfie-obsessed world, this couldn’t be more true. Anne explores how to live into the Gospel call of self-forgetfulness, of learning to get our eyes off ourselves and onto the One who came to set us free. 

The Creator, The Bible and The Cosmos

The Bible may not be a scientific handbook, but a literal interpretation of Genesis 1 does not contradict modern cosmology. The beginning of the universe was already detailed in the Bible. The universe has a beginning. The universe is expanding. The universe is governed by pre-established and unchanging natural laws. The universe is more finely tuned that ever imagined. Scientist and theologian, Dr. Stephanie Reader brings together both realms in this class.

Uncover Your Path: Turning your Calling and Passion into Action

We’re passionate to respond to God’s call on our lives, but it’s not always easy to work out our path. In the busyness of work, family life and friendships, it’s hard to know where “calling” or “vision” fits. Besides, how can we really know if the stirrings in our head and heart are God given dreams and not just our own crazy ideas? Jo offers tools and practical guidance on how to uncover our unique path and walk on it with freedom and confidence.


The Christian Church has not been a very hospitable or caring place for people wrestling with their sexuality or gender identity. Some say that as long as the Church teaches a biblical sexual ethic, it will always dehumanize gay people. This class will challenge this myth by showing that Christians can hold to a biblical view of marriage and truly love and honour people who are gay.

Rethinking Human Trafficking: Practical Ways to Provide Hope and Help Now

70-80% of domestic sex trafficking victims in North America come from foster care and probationary systems. How can we change this? Find out how God’s people are being mobilized to unlock the bravery of every girl to combat human trafficking.

WORSHIP songwriting PANEL

Learn from 2 songwriters whose songs have been sung around the world for decades. Tim Hughes & Brian Doerksen will share insights and stories around their own songwriting journey and process as well as create time for Q&A around crafting songs for the local church.


CLASS BLOCK C // Saturday | 3:45pm

Youth Ministry: 5 Core Competencies Every Youth Worker Needs to Cultivate

Youth ministry matters — a lot. And the quality of our youth ministry rises and falls on the quality of the leaders, volunteers and families that work with our students. In this class, explore 5 competencies that every youth worker must cultivate in order to effectively reach and disciple resilient followers of Jesus. Become better equipped to help your students build a faith that lasts.

Sponsored By: CYWC

Pathways toward Soul Transformation 

Learn practical pathways that allow us to encounter the Holy Spirit and experience deeper transformation in our spiritual lives. Doug will help identify lies and wounds that may have taken root in our lives and offer ways to experience life, healing and deliverance deep in our soul.

Raising Passionate Jesus Followers

Our most important goal as parents is to raise sons and daughters who love God with all their heart. But how? Digging into scripture and sharing stories from their own life, Phil and Diane walk through the practicalities of partnering with God in raising children who grow up to become “all-in” passionate Jesus followers.

How to Be a Sanctuary

Phones are easy, people are not. Yet, in our hyper-connected world we are desperate for direct and deep human connection. Christina explores how the sanctuaries of this world - our homes and places of worship - and we as individuals can offer what our cult-of-convenience culture is desperately searching for: embodied presence, true vulnerability, inconvenient service, utter acceptance, abundant love.

How Do I Identify "My Calling"?

Many of us are either paralyzed or derailed trying find our "calling." What’s the difference between having a “calling” and being called to serve? Anne answers that question and asks others: How are you naturally wired and gifted? What are your passions and desires? And yes, she says, we’re allowed to have passions and desires! Dig into 1 Corinthians 12 and learn how fulfilling our God-given purpose unleashes God’s power and makes the whole body stronger.

Songwriting in your Mother Tongue

Brian explores how each of us can develop a style of songwriting that is our own yet artistically anchored in truth and one that speaks to those around us. Our first job is to discover our signature style of music. Our second job as songwriters is to choose words that want to sing. Woven through the teaching, Brian shares inspiring stories behind some of his well-known songs.

Learning to Hear and Respond to God’s Voice

Learn how to hear, recognize and respond to the living word of God in a daily quiet time of 15-30 minutes. The simple S.T.A.R.T (your day) process will transform your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Learn how to open spiritual discussions with your spouse or accountability triad. Ken says this experiential class may be the most significant 75 minutes of your 2020!

How to Launch a Podcast

91 million people listen to a podcast every week. Should you start a podcast? Is it too late to join this movement? From a technical perspective, where do you even begin? How can you market your podcast to get noticed above the noise? Joanna will help answer those questions and walk through the podcast process.

Hurry is Greed

Our cultural default is one of overwhelming and suffocating busyness. In this class, we’ll take an honest look at some of the hidden ways we benefit and suffer from living scattered and hurried lives and explore practical tools and practices to help us live deeper into Jesus’s invitation to: “Come away with me, I’ll show you how to take a real rest…and learn the unforced rhythms of grace” Matt 11:28

Switch on Your Brain: The Mind/Brain Connection

What if there was a switch that could turn on your brain and enable you to be happier, healthier in your mind and body, even more intelligent? Our minds are that switch. Dr. Caroline Leaf outlines how the latest neuroscience echoes ancient scripture and shows how to reprogram our thoughts and feelings, tackle addictive behaviour, prevent illness and truly be “transformed by the renewing of our minds.” Romans 12:2

Loving LGBTQ People as Jesus Would

The Christian Church has not been a very hospitable or caring place for people wrestling with their sexuality or gender identity. Some say that as long as the Church teaches a biblical sexual ethic, it will always dehumanize gay people. This class will challenge this myth by showing that Christians can hold to a biblical view of marriage and truly love and honour people who are gay.

Leading with Empathy: Justice requires obedience

Watch Randy’s new short film The Twelve Thousand, a true story of a 12-year-old sex trafficking victim who was rescued and restored, then join the dialogue about leading with empathy and connection to allow vulnerable people to thrive. As this filmmaker has learned, when we step out with passion and a willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the “other,” incredible things happen.

Sponsored By: Ally Global Foundation


This is a session for leaders by leaders with a focus on the questions leaders have shared as their top challenges in the current cultural / generational / political season. This collaborative panel discussion will foster community among leaders and a sense of burden-sharing and unity.

Sponsored By: Global Leadership Network



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